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Gcoo Entertainment Company
Founded in 2005, Shanghai GCOO entertainment Co. Ltd., is fully engaged in the investment, production, and distribution of excellent dramas and strives to be a win-win partner in the field of TV drama. GCOO is on its way to build an extensive network of TV dramas both home and abroad. With the unique capability of its assessment, GCOO has become one of the most professional investment and distribution companies in China.
GCOO has built multiple channels to work with talented screenwriters, directors, actors and production houses in China, aiming to create TV dramas that impress the whole world, and explore more influential producers as well as production companies. Through various styles of investment such as home videos, co-production, pre-orders and customer tailor-made dramas, GCOO now owns all kinds of first-rate dramas with a library of more than 4000 episodes. Meanwhile, as one of the most professional drama distributors in China, GCOO has been highly recognized by most of media companies for its high rating of dramas and has created extraordinary broadcasting experience for many TV companies. So far, GCOO still maintains frequent partnership with CCTV, many provincial TVs and local TVs from different cities and is regarded the best client-focused distribution company in the Chinese TV market.
In 2008, GCOO started the business of acquiring and importing dramas while titles such as “Princess Running Away” and “Struggling Angels” serve as the most successful case. These two champion TV dramas that GCOO imported from Thailand had won overwhelming welcome by the Chinese audience and therefore caused “Thai drama fad” in China. After that, GCOO imported various dramas from different regions, such as Indian popular drama “Her Family Affection”, Thai youth idol drama “Love of Chocolate”, “Love before Sunset” and Hong Kong drama “It Hurts Women Most.” All of them made it a great success for importing dramas to distribute in Chinese market.
GCOO, honorably ranked top 5 in the field of local TV drama companies in China, has invested and produced outstanding TV dramas more than 300 episodes, and distributed more than 200 of them. The 160-episode “Her Family’s Stories” and the 80-episode “Love is a little blue.” were smash hits in Chinese TV market, which helped GCOO take the lead in the business of TV drama in China. At the same time, GCOO is accelerating its pace in developing both overseas distribution and new media distribution so as to bring in the most splendid TV feast for audience home and abroad.